Learn more about the subjects we teach in school and explore links to other useful websites.


The National Curriculum

This sets out what pupils should be taught, and it is for schools to choose how they organise their school curriculum to include the programmes of study.

At Altofts Junior School, we follow a 'topic-based' approach to the curriculum.  This means that wherever possible, we group our subjects around a topic.  The topics we choose depend on two factors: what areas of the National Curriculum we must cover and the interests and needs of the children.  This means that we do not always teach every foundation subject each half term.

Not all subjects can naturally 'fit' within a topic and so these subjects are taught separately. For example, Religious Education does not always link with a topic and so it is often taught separately and not everything in Maths links effectively with a topic, but links are made whenever we can.

You can find out what areas of the curriculum we are covering in each year by clicking on the links below.  


Our Maths Curriculum

The links below contain the yearly overviews of the maths work covered across each year group, based on the requirements of the New National Curriculum (2014).

The overviews are intended to provide you with information on the mathematical skills and concepts taught throughout Key Stage 2, so that you can support your child with homework activities.

The main scheme we use in school is Abacus Maths, however, there are many other resources used to complement our maths curriculum.  Following regular assessments and during day to day lessons, teachers adapt their planning to meet the learning needs of the children in their class.

Our main aim in school is to address the learning needs of our children and to ensure they make at least good progress in maths during their time at our school.